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Enlighten yourself with this video from the guys from “Did you Know Gaming” about the history and real-life influences of the Castlevania series.

[Did You Know Gaming]

From Vocativ:

To many Westerners, Dubai is a conservative city in a conservative Arab state, which makes it an odd place for a convention of risque Lycra-obsessed cosplayers and over-the-top entertainment. Even more bizarre: In a culture where ladies are told to cover up, Comic Con is attracting women in their droves. And they’re not just there to gawp—there were actually more women artists at Dubai Comic Con than male artists, which is in stark contrast to American Comic Con, which is often criticized for its lack of women.



Artist Jennifer Marshall created this amazing portrait of Captain Jean-Luc Picard using ketchup, mustard, hoisin sauce, and bleu cheese.

[Geek Craft | Via Neatorama]


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon currently has its End of Summer Game Sale, where they offer up to 85% on HUNDREDS of games (Digital)! There are A LOT of great games in there at ridiculously low prices. I invite you to check’ em all out right here!

[Amazon’s End of Summer Game Sale (Up to 85% Off on HUNDREDS of Games!)]

Greg Foot tells us exactly why we hate the sound of our own voice on answering machines and such like in this Headsqueeze single question science video.

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Interested in using these images as your wallpaper? They’re all available for download right here.

[Via Geek Universe | Imgur]


…Or just come and study in Canada and cut your tuition bill by… a lot.

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